Saturday, October 19, 2013

Domestic Bliss Tip - Removing Drywall from Clothing

If you've been here before, you probably already know that I'm a self-professed perfectionist which keeps me from getting a lot of things done. It's like there is a really mean boss-lady inside of my head, but I can't quit my job because boss-lady is actually me! On the bright side, this means she can't actually fire me even though it hasn't stopped her from trying over the years.

Every time I even have an idea for a blog, that boss-lady is there challenging the quality of my ideas. If I can actually find a topic to please her, she may let me begin to draft it. But this process is longer and more daunting than one would typically imagine. So this evening I decided as part of my journey to domestic bliss, I'm going to start going right over her head. I may not always have the best idea for a blog post, or a great story, or perfect picture to go along with it. Who cares? Probably only her.

So for my very first Journey to Domestic Bliss (JDB) Tip, I want to share something I just learned this evening. You may never even encounter such a problem, but now if you do, you will be lucky enough to have the answer.

JDB Tip - If there is ever a time when you end up with loose, crumbled drywall on your clothes, brushing it away with your head won't get you all cleaned up. You'll actually need to vacuum the dry dust off the material to be rid of it.

Silly subject I know, but after we installed our new walk-in closet, my husband had to do some last minute adjustments. This left about a quarter of my blazers and jackets covered with a fine dust of drywall and me looking for a solution. So there you have it. Hoover away!

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